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News pages will fill you in on what's wrong in the world, my aim is to share what is right with the world through my camera. It's a BEAUTIFUL world out there.

Life...a blessing, gift and a 'Magical Mystery Tour'.... Come on out and play!

July 28, 2014    Summer Days


Aside from a lot of storms, it's been a fairly good real drawn out heat waves. The flowers are in bloom, the mosquitoes are's summer!

Have only about 3 week to get ready for the retreats at Pyramid Lake, I can't wait to get back to the mountains again! The sound of the loons, the mountain air, the smell of camp fires, I am counting down!

Here at home, we are enjoying the covered deck with it's clear roof. I had to move the bird feeder as the squirrels were making a mess so it is back out off of the garage. Yes, it's summer, and I'm loving every minute of it!

June 9, 2014    The Growing Season


Another cloudy day with a little rain early on. That means two things...I don't have to water and all the plants (including weeds) are happy and second...the mosquitoes are out. In droves.

Thinking of heading away at some point for a little time at Still Point. Not that the garden and homeplace are not beautiful but a little change of the always nice. Out there, no internet connection in the hermitage so I read, write, take photos and listen to the quiet. Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and most of all, the COLORS!

June 2, 2014    Life in Bloom


Things have been pretty busy around would switch back and forth from cold to warm to cold...and storms would whip through. But things are looking lovely outside, between the blooms and baby creatures the miracle of Spring works its magic for all of us.

I've been getting out as much as I can and adding to the photo collection. I've been thinking about revamping the web page and possibly checking into Wordpress so posting will be easier than coding everything. But then I think..all these pages and almost 11 years of Gardenlady...why change things? People still look at some of the old pages and here and there I get an email. It's a hard habit to break *smile*

I'll probably keep things as they have been for a while longer anyway. Hope you are having a wonderful Spring!

P.S. How do you like the goose that photobombed me today?

April 22, 2014    Happy Earth Day!


Today was a lovely day...we did have some sprinkles but NO SNOW! I stopped in the woods at Indian Kill Nature Preserve to see what might be blooming as plants are delayed. I found this little blue hepatica [pictured], white hepatica, a couple of early trilliums, ferns and bloodroot. And outside in my yard the forsythia is just beginning to glow yellow.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well. Ours was quiet, which was fine as I've been busy getting a couple of clients off of Windows XP and on to 7 for now. And it is time to get things ready for a retreat I'm giving on May 10. All I can say is...whew!

April 16, 2014    Fickle weather


We have had some weird weather, and Spring sure is taking its time getting here. But Monday, we hit 79 degrees and then yesterday VERY heavy rain moved in, and by last night we had incredible snow squalls. The picture is my garden this morning...and although the temps didn't get out of the mid 40's, the snow is pretty much gone.

It has been quite busy here with the end of support for Windows XP we have been busy ordering new systems for people. And in the midst of all of this, I also got a new laptop (still Windows 7) to replace my 8 year old laptop that was converted from XP to 7. A nice birthday gift!

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter!

March 17, 2014    St. Patrick's Day


Happy St. Patrick's day to you!

We are only 3 days away from calendar spring, but it is COLD out there today. The sun is shining but there is still a bit of dirty snow around...made even more gritty by the ice and sleet we had at the end of last week. But we know that most of winter is in the rear view mirror.

In other news, I am finishing up preparing for a presentation I am giving in Albany on Thursday, then I have one in mid-May, then August. Things have been busy but that is always a good thing. Hoping you are feeling some spring by you, and can't wait to start getting flower photos!

February 27, 2014    One Day Closer to Spring...


Only one day left in February. To me, seeing MARCH on the calendar is a turning point. Although our weather is about as far from Spring as you could imagine.

This little sparrow was watching the latest squall from the Rose of Sharon bush today. After a warm spell of 2-3 days we are back into winter with cold, wind and more snow squalls. But Spring is only 3 weeks away. It's also the day I give a presentation to a group of 40-50 people in Albany. I am looking forward to that!

February 10, 2014    Sometimes...snow is just so beautiful...


We had some snow last week. On Wednesday, no one went anywhere as the officials declared a State of Emergency so as many people would be OFF the roads as possible and the plows could do their work. But Thursday, I went to Still Point for just a little while to get some pictures. No matter that I had just gone there Tuesday for the same reason. The landscape had changed.

Now, we MAY have another storm on Wednesday into Thursday but it's still to early to tell. And I am getting ready to go on a 5 day silent retreat at the Retreat House. The homestead will be in good hands while I am gone, and I am looking forward to it. This will be number 3 of the past 4 years. A nice time to reflect and then get ready for a couple of upcoming presentations.

Otherwise, we are trying to stay healthy. A lot of flu going around and we are GLAD we got the flu shot in the fall. It is a bad one this year. Stay safe, warm and healthy.

January 26, 2014    Back to the icebox


Whoever said it was going to be a cold and snowy winter was right this year.

One good thing is that we have had a couple of warm or rainy spells to lower the snow level. But it is winter the way I remember it from years ago. The photo was taken last night as we came out from dinner...the main street had about an inch of fluffy snow and it was very slippery.

I have to say that even I am looking forward to spring! But meanwhile, I have been sorting through a LOT of pictures on the external hard drives and getting things organized. Plus...discarding duplicates and photos I don't really need. Of course, that frees up space for MORE photos. Just sayin'...

January 11, 2014    Happy New Year!

A rainy, warm-ish night after a good cold snap and we are into 2014!

It has been pretty busy around the house, or I should say I have been busy. Every now and then (as I think many of you will relate to) I decide it is time to clear STUFF out. And so, with the cold days I cleaned out cabinets and closets, throwing away a lot of things I just don't need around here. It's energizing, and it just seems cleaner, although these were things you didn't necessarily SEE. Each new year is a new beginning - a starting point. So, I figured I would take advantage of it.

Next, I'll have to migrate last years entries to the archives and freshen up the home page. Never a dull moment.

December 24, 2013    Merry Christmas


It is Christmas Eve, and things are quiet on the home front. We had our family Christmas on Sunday, so the holiday itself will be quiet. Mass tonight, then just a simple day at home. There is still a little bit of the snow from 10 days ago despite a warmi and rainy few days.

My wish for Christmas is peace. In our hearts and in this world. Blessings to all of you.

December 15, 2013    First big snowstorm


Not much in the yard when the snow started falling yesterday afternoon. But by 9PM and on, the snow picked up and we ended up with a foot of snow! Some events got canceled as people dug out but if it sticks around we should have a white Christmas.

I finally got my cards out, have to wrap some gifts for the family Christmas which will be on Sunday, to accomodate the working members. It's hard to believe we have just about completed another year.As I sit here with a mug of hot tea, I think of all of the blessings that surround me. Like so many snowflakes it is like an avalanche! Hoping you are all well, and ready for the holidays, whatever you celebrate.

December 5, 2013    Getting close to Christmas!


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas!

The photo above is of an outlet of one of our local lakes a little over a week ago. We had a little bit of snow, but it has since melted. Ponds and lakes are starting to freeze up. Here at home, I put lights up on our "new" deck...the roof gave me something to attach lights to easily. Everything is ready to make Christmas cards, calendars that I give as gifts have been ordered and most of the shopping is done. With plenty of time to reflect on the season and its true meaning.

I am thankful for my life, and those in it. There have been some difficult times but they are far outweighed by the blessings. Love my friends as well, some of whom I have never met but we stay in touch online. And I pray for those facing difficulty either in health, or because of extreme weather, unrest, etc. You are all close to my heart especially in this season.

Perhaps in 2014, I'll be more faithful in my posting here. Time to get MY focus back!

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